Are we there yet?

Summer always brings back fond memories of childhood summer vacations. Mom, Dad, and the three kids would pile into the loaded car, hit the road, and drive. And drive. And drive. It wasn’t until years later that I realized the purpose of a road trip was to actually periodically get out of the car and enjoy where we happened to be at the time. Dad’s mantra was always “gotta make time.”

Writing a blog, being on Facebook, making your presence known on LinkedIn can be kind of like those forced marches – excuse me – summer road trips. You never seem to “get there.” And you never will, because there’s always a new social network to join, one more application to try, one more friend to connect with. We forget to actually enjoy the process.

My new resolution is to try and enjoy the trip. Stop along the way, take a break, enjoy the people I have met already, and stop frantically attempting to “catch up” my to-do list of blogging, friending, connecting, and tweeting. It’s summer, everybody! Stop and enjoy the view.