How do I add my new book to Goodreads?

I get lots of blog inspiration from my email inbox. Today’s was from author Kirk Axelson, “How do I add my new book to the Goodreads catalog? And should I wait to do this until my book is available on Amazon?”

You can create your book’s page on Goodreads before it appears on Amazon. Goodreads lists  where your book is available online and at what price.

To list your book, log into your Goodreads account and type the book title or the ISBN in the search box at the top. If it says that the title is not listed, click the link at the bottom to list it.

Goodreads - list new book

Sometimes your book will already have a listing but maybe some of the information is incomplete and the book cover isn’t shown. If you have an author profile and have claimed your books as your own, you should be able to edit those book pages. Click on the edit button shown here.

goodreads - edit listing1As the author of the book you should be able to make the changes you want. Note the warning at the top. Be very careful what you change. To upload a cover, use the button on the right.

goodreads - edit listing 2And that’s it!