8 easy ways to build your mailing list

When you set up a “sign up for my ezine” section on your website, did you initially believe that “if you build it, they will come?” And were you disappointed with the results?

Well, you do need to help the process along. Here are 8 easy ways you can let people know about your ezine and encourage signups.

1. Offer an “ethical bribe,” a free report, ebook, or other premium that people will give you their email addresses in order to get.

2. Partner with a complementary business who will feature you and your product/book in their ezine. Offer a premium to click through and sign up. Make the same offer for the other business in your ezine.

3. Host or cohost a free teleseminar.

4. Blog and post comments on other people’s blogs on your topic.

5. Post articles in article directories like ezinearticles.com. In the resource box of your artices, include your offer of a freebie and a link to your sign-up page on your website.

6. Put your sign-up info in your email signature.

7. Do podcasts on your topic and be a guest on podcasts.

8. If you’re a speaker, give something away at your next talk. Ask for business cards for the drawing and tell the audience that you’ll give them a free subscription to your newsletter as well. Ask them to write “no ezine” on the back if they don’t want a subscription.