7 Ways to Connect with Your Ideal Prospects on Social Media

connect with your ideal prospects on social mediaDo you think you need to sell, sell sell all the time on social media? Pushing a sales message all the time is not the best way to connect with your ideal prospects on social media. Unfortunately, this strategy is a great way to get unfollowed, unfriended, and generally ignored. Always talking about your book or your services is like being the person who starts selling vitamins or whatever through a multi level marketing company and makes every party or backyard barbeque into a sales call. Nobody really wants to hang out with them.

You don’t need to sell all the time to connect with your ideal prospects

Your ideal prospects are not looking for a sales job. They want advice, to be entertained, to learn something. They want a conversation. Since the purpose of social media is to be social, follow these 7 tips to actually have conversations on social media. You’ll find that your ideal prospects will be MORE interested in your book or service when they actually get to know you better.

  1. Remember it’s a conversation! When asked a question, be sure to respond in a timely fashion. (Get notifications on your phone.)
  2. Be relevant. Don’t just post random thoughts.
  3. Don’t only talk about your book and/or your business.
  4. Ask good questions that require more than yes or no answers.
  5. Post quizzes and polls about your topic.
  6. Include pictures in your posts. They’re more likely to be shared than plain text.
  7. Post videos! They are the most popular posts.

If all of this seems like a lot of time to spend online, don’t worry! Choose 15 – 30 minutes a day to jump online, post an update or two and jump out. You can also plan some of your posts ahead of time and schedule them using a service like Hootsuite.

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