7 reasons to blog your next (or your first) book

1. Blog software like WordPress is a content management system. Blog categories and subcategories become chapters and sections, individual posts form the chapter content. Get a post in the wrong section? Change it easily by switching the category.

2. Are you intimidated by the thought of writing an entire book? It’s a lot less daunting to write one post a day or two posts a week. Remember the old advice about how to eat an elephant? The answer was “one bite at a time.”

3. You can build your online audience while you’re writing your book. Use Facebook and Twitter to promote your blogged book. 8 out of 10 people surveyed say they want to write a book. Trust me, you’ll have people following your progress to see if they could do it too.

4. Stuck on a chapter? Write out of order and rearrange as you go.  You can arrange each post under a category heading.

5. Readers can evolve to become fans, friends, editors, critics, and cheerleaders. They’ll probably buy the finished book, too.

6. Blog posts that don’t make the final cut in the finished book could become articles used to promote your book.

7. Never be short on blog topics again!