5 Reasons to Enter a Book Award Competition

Why enter a book award competition?I’ve heard authors ask, “Is this just an ego trip for me or is there a good reason to enter my book in an awards competition?” No, book awards aren’t just to gratify your ego. They’re a good way to market your book. Here are 5 reasons you should enter a book award competition or two:

  1. Winning an award gets you publicity.It gives your book instant credibility. It also gives you a reason to send out press releases and post your award on social media, announce on your blog, in your newsletter — you get the idea. Don’t be shy about letting your public know.
  1. Winning an award enables you to say you’re an award-winning author. Add “Award-Winning Author” to your marketing materials, your resume, your website, and so on. Own it! It’s gives you credibility that rubs off on all of your work – even the books that haven’t won.
  1. An award could help you land that distribution deal for your book. Distributors want to represent books that will sell. An award is one more credible reason why they should take a look at your book. (The same goes for bookstores and libraries too.)
  1. An award could bring your work to the attention of a publisher. Publishers want to buy books that will sell. Awards are a great indication that yours will be worth looking at.
  1. Awards can help your book sales. Publicizing your book award will also bring your book to the public’s attention. Awards are a stamp of approval that readers respond to.

Should you only focus on book competitions for your book marketing strategy? Of course not! But awards are an important way to get more publicity and credibility for your work.