3 quick tips on how to leverage your book’s reviews

Your book has just been reviewed in a major newspaper! That’s terrific, but don’t let the publicity train stop there. Here’s 3 ways to leverage that review and spread the love:

1. Pitch other newspapers by letting them know about your great review. (If somebody else big has reviewed it, they are more likely to review it too.) However, avoid giving them the same-old, same-old pitch. Reporters want a fresh angle that appeals directly to their readers. Be sure to read the publication and that reporter’s stories to see what will appeal to them.

2. Shout your good news from the rooftops! Post it on your blog, your facebook page, tweet it! Email your friends with the link. Enjoy your moment in the sun.

3. As you spread the word, create a media list of contacts for future publicity. This list should include:

  • Your social media profiles
  • Email contact list
  • Reporters, publications, details on how they like to be contacted
  • Bloggers