2014 CIPA EVVY Awards Open for Submissions

j0382574You’ve published your book and your marketing is (finally!) started to get traction. You’re starting to make sales! What else can you do to get your book noticed?

Have you considered entering your book in awards competitions? I’ve been a member of CIPA, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association for 7 or 8 years now. I’ve seen how book awards can make a difference in marketing a book. Book awards open doors for authors. Book awards with good reputations are noted by others in the industry.

The Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s  20th annual CIPA EVVY book competition is now open for submissions. The CIPA EVVYs are one of the longest-running CIPA logo.book awards on the Indie publishing scene, and it’s become an international competition. Averaging 170 entries in thirty book categories, the CIPA EVVYs continue to provide an excellent way for independent authors to gain recognition for their hard work.

Book competitions offer great publicity for your book, and a number of CIPA EVVY winners have pulled down sweet distribution deals because they’ve won!

The CIPA EVVYs have lasted because because of the judging. It’s tough—the way a book competition should be, and the organization works to find good judges.  Judges work in the publishing industry; they’re teachers and professors; they’re people who know what a good book is.

One CIPA EVVY winner was able to leverage her first place award in Children’s story book to win in other, larger book competitions—the New England Book Festival.  Another CIPA EVVY winner who took the Past President’s award for the most points scored in the 2011 competition went on to place in the national Indie Book Awards contest.

Says Julie Federico, first place winner for “Some Parts are NOT for Sharing” says, ” I believe the EVVY awards help authors launch their books in ways that would be unavailable without the award. As an author you know your books are good.,With the endorsement of the EVVY awards other people will learn you are great.”

Five time CIPA EVVY award winner and author coach Teresa Funke, notes: “I’ve been the lucky recipient of five CIPA EVVY awards over the last eleven years for my novel, my short story collection, and two of my children’s books. Why do I continue to enter the contest? Because CIPA is doing something very important with these awards . . . they are recognizing and honoring high-qualify self-published books of all genres and bringing credibility to the efforts we make as independent authors. CIPA was providing positive attention to our books long before many credible sources would even consider looking at self-published authors. Each year, my competition in the contest has grown stronger and more impressive, proof that we, as an industry, are moving forward. I’m proud to be a CIPA EVVY winner not just because it means that my books are good, but also because it puts quality indie books on a par with those that are traditionally published.  And, frankly, it’s fun once in a while to get dressed up and go celebrate our achievements with fellow authors who have worked just as hard as we have!”

Visit http://www.cipacatalog.com/pages/CIPA-EVVY-Awards.  There are 39 regular categories and 8 technical categories to choose from. Join in one of the best book competition in the Rocky Mountains!