Promote Your Book Online!

Mary Walewski, Social Media Marketing ExpertYou can do social media marketing!

You can learn how to market and sell your book online. Are you an author, or a consultant who’s written a book to promote your business? Perhaps you’re new to social media as a way to get new customers and sell more of your books and services.

Or you’ve dabbled in Facebook or Twitter but haven’t had a lot of results. You’ve got some legitimate concerns about jumping into the deep end of the social media pool. I get it.

Most people have three big concerns about social media marketing:

  • The learning curve – there’s so much to learn!
  • They don’t have time to be on social media all day.
  • They don’t know if it works

Let’s talk about those:

  • You don’t have to become an internet expert to build a following online. All you really need is the desire to learn how social media works, a marketing and content plan that works for you, and a way to measure your results.
  • The time factor: you can manage your social media marketing and still have time to have a life if -
    • You have a clear content and marketing plan.
    • Your profiles are properly set up.
    • You take advantage of online tools that are mostly free.
  • Social media works because it enables you to connect with people who are looking for your products and services. You don’t make sales on Facebook or Twitter. You create relationships. You get to know people who think you’re pretty great and tell their friends about you. And that leads to sales.

Together, we can create your custom social media plan

Social media is a terrific way for you to grow your network – people who buy your services and products and refer you to others. But unless you have a plan for your online presence, you can spend hours on social media and see little results or no results!

We can work together to:

  • Assess your current online presence and set benchmarks for moving forward.
  • Create your profiles or optimize your current social media profiles. Create a social media plan that reflects your book and business goals and gets you results.
  • Show you how to track your progress.
  • Make you comfortable and confident with using social media through my private coaching and online classes.
  • Don't want to do it yourself? I can do the work for you and manage your social media.

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